31 Mar 2017

Top 5 sure shot ways to earn money online

5 ways to make money online

Are you looking to make money online? Are you looking to create your second income from working from home? Or May be looking for a part time job? Well the question is who would not love you have extra income. But the tough question is that, are there any genuine ways to make money online? Isn’t making money online a scam or fraud? Well to be frank there are genuine ways to make money. And we will be discussing all the possible ways where one can earn money online.

1) Start your website or a blogs
There are thousands of people searching for more and more information on internet, start sharing that information with them on your blog site. And then you can monetize your website by putting advertisement on it. There are many networks available in the market that can help you in setting the advertisement on your website, one of the top advertiser on the list is Google Ad sense.  More the traffic on your website more the income you get from the advertisement. 

You can buy the cheapest and best domain and hosting from GoDaddy.com

2) Sell Online
Another way of making money online would be selling your talent / services online: You can be a good photographer, or may be a good cook, or great in making handicraft/ homemade crafts, may be a good sales man who can sell anything such as clothes, ornaments, toys, or anything. You can set up your own website (you don’t have to be a developer, just a bit of knowledge and you can make your own website), and sell to your customers online. Your customers can be from your local area of may be from abroad. That’s the magic of internet, it makes it possible to reach globally and do the business. 

Things needed to make a website are domain (name of website like www.google.com, www.yahoo.com and so on), hosting space – once you purchase the domain you need to buy hosting where your website would be available for access to everyone. You can use WordPress themes to make your website beautiful (WordPress is highly customizable accordingly to your need on top you don’t need to be a coder to develop it), there are many tutorials available on YouTube where one can learn how to make websites using WordPress.

You can purchase the domain from Godaddy.com and can buy your own domain in just ₨. 99.00/- a year. 

There are people who started from small and are now big giants, to name few there are Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and many more like them who started with something very small and are now on very top. 

3) Become a freelancer
Selling your services on freelancing sites is even easier. You can register yourself to websites like freelancer.in, Fiverr.com, upwork.com, guru.com, peopleperhour.com and many more like this. These websites gives you the opportunity of working from home. You can literally work from your home and provide your services. When you are a freelancer you pick the work that you want to work on and the good news is you are not committed to the single employer. There are many categories in freelancing jobs but the few top jobs are content writing, logo designing, virtual assistant, transcription, translation, and many more. 

4) Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is something in which the online retailer like Flipkart, Amazon, or any websites who runs affiliate program pays commission to you in return of your efforts in bringing or generating the sale or referring someone to buy a product using your affiliate link. Once you become the affiliate member you can share or market your unique affiliate link with your friends and family or to someone who is looking to buy the product. 

5) Online tutor
Another amazing way to earn extra money is to become an online tutor. You may be expert with Math, Science, and Physics or may be a housewife who is a kitchen queen and knows the best way to make a chocolate fudge cake 😏. Share your knowledge with the people who are looking for your expertise. You can be a tutor in various tutorials such as language course, cooking classes, technical expertise and so one, websites like udemy.com welcomes teachers like you who can impart their knowledge and earn more money. Either way you can also publish your videos on YouTube and further monetize your channel, the more the number of people views your video the more chance of earning money from Google Adsense and other publishers like that. 

For some work is going to office, factory for 9 to 6 and get paid every month for the same. But then with this changing world the definition of working has changed a lot, internet makes it possible for people like you and me to work from home and start the extra income. There are many people who take working from home as their primary jobs and do earn handsome money out of that. 

Well we can only wish you a very good luck with your working from home/ home based work but one need to know that it is not an easy task; it takes a lot of hard work and patients.

These are the top 5 sure shot ways to earn money online, I am sure there must be 100 other ways to earn money from home. Do you make money from home? If not then start working on it and do share your experience with us. 

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